In many cases, when low-income apartments are purchased to be converted to higher income housing, tenants are only given 30 or 60-day notices to move. This can be a traumatic experience. In these cases, organizing quickly with your neighbors can be one way to:

  • Win lease extensions
  • Gain financial relocation assistance
  • In some cases, pressure the owner to allow tenants the right to remain

Sometimes, having a large number of residents and community supporters draw public attention to the issue can provide enough pressure for the owner to make the choice to do the right thing.

Homes For All Nashville - Resist Displacement in Nashville


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In some cases, Homes For All Nashville can provide limited organizing support for tenant groups faced with immediate crisis related to no-cause eviction (ex: tenants facing lease non-renewals, displacement to unreasonable rent hike etc). In these cases, we can provide advice and facilitation for tenants who wish to attempt negotiations with their landlord and, if needed, help develop a media strategy to draw public attention to the issue at hand.

We got a notice on our door telling us that we had 30 days to move. It was shocking because we had been there for over 13 years. [When tenants started coming together] that’s when doors started opening. We felt like we had a hand with someone there to help guide us... Winning the extra two months did help. It gave us more time.
— Nasteho Abdi-Dahir, Somali Community of Middle TN
Once Homes For All got involved it did so much more not only to empower the residents but to give a sense of humanity back.
— Catherine Knowles, MNPS HERO program (Metro Nashville Public Schools Homeless Education Resource Outreach)
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Prestige Pointe and Premier West tenants secured an additional 60 days before they had to move out

 Homes For All Nashville - Resist Displacement in Nashville

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