Homes For All Nashville is a community organization dedicated to ending displacement by building the organizing capacity of lower-income renters and homeowners, especially in communities of color, in Tennessee. As tenants, we believe that the best way to make sure our rights are protected and that we don’t get displaced from our homes is to work together. When faced with rising rent or unfair treatment, there is often little we can do as individuals. However, when tenants get organized and fight for their rights and common interests together, they have the power to demand affordability and better living conditions. We strive to provide a hub of resources and a network of support to tenant groups who are organizing in their neighborhoods or apartment complexes.

Our Values

Housing is a basic human right not a commodity. Our homes, our communities and the land upon which we live are not a commodity to be exploited for profit, they are precious resources that should be used to meet people’s needs.

Land and Housing should be accessible, permanent, quality, and connected to economic, social and cultural networks and institutions. No person, regardless of race, gender, class, sexual orientation, age, ability, citizenship or previous criminal or housing record should be denied a home nor forced to live apart of the networks and institutions our communities rely on to survive and thrive.

Elected officials should be accountable to their constituents, not developers - Public dollars and public assets should be used to benefit everyone in the community. Too often, public resources are used to prop up high end commercial and real estate development while displacing and disadvantaging working people. We support public officials do not compromise on putting the needs of everyday people above development lobbies and unregulated economic growth.

Homes For All Nashville - Housing is a Human Right


We believe that change comes through organizing and collective action of working-class communities. While we recognize that that the housing crisis affects us all in some degree, we acknowledge that the brunt of the impact falls on working-class households and particularly, communities of color.

We must organize and collaborate locally, regionally and nationally in order to resolve this crisis and build strong, affordable, healthy communities. - Land and housing should be collectively-owned and controlled by communities: We reject corporate and Wall Street ownership of land and promote alternative models that increase democratic participation and control over land & housing in our communities.

“When we come together our voices are actually heard. We came together because we were struggling together. If one person didn’t have a house, the other one didn’t either.”
— -Nasteho Abdi-Dahir (Somali Community of Middle TN)

Our Story

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In a Nutshell

Homes for All is a movement dedicated to ending displacement by building the organizing capacity of working-class renters and home-owners in Davidson Co., Tennessee. 

Our work is rooted in the overarching goal of building power among Nashville's working class communities and ending the displacement epidemic in our city. We work in solidarity with impacted communities around the country through our affiliation with the National Homes For All Campaign.