Inquilinos Unidos hold first meeting with apartment management

Austin Sauerbrei describes early results from a new tenant union.

Inquilinos Unidos held their first meeting with apartment management! Tenants shared their concerns, what they wanted and walked away with several firm commitments from the management. In addition to getting immediate action for several individual maintenance issues (one tenant didn't have A/C unit, another had an overflowing tub), management committed to:

  1. All leases will be translated into Spanish (prior to this, non-English speakers had no readable copy of lease)
  2. Maintenance call service will be provided in Spanish/English (again, this was only in English before)
  3. Management will respond to non-emergency maintenance requests within 48 hours. If it will take longer, they will give status update within 24 hours 
  4. Emergency repairs will be completed same-day
  5. Weekly maintenance walk-throughs will ensure all external lights are working
  6. Old lighting fixtures that hadn't worked before will be replaced with new fixtures
  7. Management has agreed to work with Inquilinos Unidos to advocate for security cameras with owners
  8. Management will give status update on all commitments by next Friday

This is why tenant unions matter. When we stick together, we have power. 


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