What is a tenant union?

[The owners] are taking notice now because an organization has come together and told them, ‘hey, we all feel the same way.
— Fatimah a-Hakam, Park at Hillside Tenant Association

We believe that the best way to make sure that our rights are protected and that we don't get displaced from our homes is to work together. When faced with rising rents or unfair treatment, there is often little to be done individually. But when tenants organize with their neighbors to push for their rights and needs together, there is power to create change. When residents of an apartment complex or a neighborhood organize together in this way, that's called a Tenant Union.

Homes For All Nashville - Park at Hillside tenant meeting


Reasons to organize a tenanT union

  • Your apartment complex has recently been bought out (or will be in the near future) and you fear that tenants may be impacted by rising rents, lease non-renewals etc.

  • You and your neighbors are not being treated fairly by your landlord (repairs not getting made, lack of transparent communication etc.)

  • You want to help establish better communication between landlord/tenants

  • You want to help build a stronger sense of community/communication among your neighbors

  • There are other changes you want to see happen at your apartment complex

Homes For All Nashville - Tenant meeting



Homes For All Nashville helps you build your tenant union. We support you every step of the way.

  1. Reach out: Our first step is to help interested tenants reach out to neighbors and facilitate a meeting to identify common concerns. 
  2. Know your rights: Next, we work with Legal Aid to provide a Tenant Rights 101 training to make sure everyone is aware of their legal rights. 
  3. Start dealing with problems: We then help tenants with concrete next steps based on their concerns (writing a letter to owners/management, arranging meeting with city officials who may be able to help etc.) 
  4. Build leadership: Most importantly, we assist tenants in building leadership capacity and creating a foundation for a lasting, sustainable tenant union.
  5. Connect with others: Lastly, we serve as a hub for tenants to meet members of other tenant unions, connecting tenants who are fighting for fair housing throughout the city/region.

*NOTE: We only work with tenants who are interested in organizing with their neighbors. We do not provide individual case management.  

Organization is so very important. It’s okay to have an idea alone, but you come together as a whole it is so much more positive.
— Fatimah a-Hakam, Park at Hillside Tenant Association
We can’t speak highly enough of the Homes for All organization that gave us the impetus to go forward. It has given us the confidence to harness our voices and come together as a united front for the common good.
— Toni Smith, Park at Hillside Tenant Association
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Tenant unions are started by people just like you - people who want what's right for their family and their neighbors.


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