Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.

We keep you posted on city council meetings, petitions, tenant camapaigns and other events on this page, through Facebook and Twitter and via email. 



With the increasing number of calls for organizing support, our small team of volunteer/in-kind organizers are functioning beyond capacity. HomesForAll is in desperate need of a dedicated staff person to aid in on-the-ground organizing and communications. We are so thrilled to be hiring Kennetha Patterson! ...but we need YOUR help reach our fundraising goal!


Your donation allows us to help tenants start organizing together and provide leadership development so that they can sustain their union by themselves. You'll help people keep neighborhoods together and get fair treatment from landlords.

Our next fundraising campaign begins Monday June 12th. Help us get the word out. Sign up for our Thunderclap and when we make our announcement, it will be amplified by being shared at the same moment on your Twitter and / or Facebook feeds.


We are in constant need of supporters to help with research, outreach, childcare for tenant meetings and more!

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